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Lama Jinpa @HealingChod Nomadic Teacher of Tibetan Buddhism in the tradition of Chöd, founder of the School of Tibetan Healing Chöd I will keep this as simple and brief as possible. I went to an event 6? years ago. Then i went to the follow up, at which it was advertised that lama Kunzanglinpa would be there. I paid to attend the event and the lama was a no show. When I complained to lama asa ..a.k.a lama jinpa he said... [arrogantly] 'It says on the flyer Kunzangalinpa wont be there' NO THE FLYER SAID HE WOULD BE THERE. [lied right to my face] Then Jinpa started this school!! Lama asa also made fun of my friend [20 years in buddism] because she knew a bit of the chod ritual and was attempting to follow along and do the chanting with them. [ she called him lama a*hole] When I mentioned this to Bob [very nice, lowkey, non commercial group] who runs the Bunpo group he didnt seem surprised saying...when I was at Dharmadatu long ago Lama asa was there and this doenst sound surprising.
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Hello All--- I was the guy who originally posted this. I found

Asa Hersh, aka Dr.

Asa Hersh, aka Dr. Asa to be --at best -- a salesman - promoter.

Thanks for yr comments. many years ago when he had a Lama here for 'Chod' there was a long time practitioner in the audience.

We were instructed to lie down. She sat and - knowing some of the ritual- attempted to follow along - silently- on her beads.

Asa Hersh - to me at break -- made fun of her.

And on the phone he lied to me, 'the flyer says Lama will not be at event'. NO, flyer said Lama would be at event.

Also after the Lama left town, Asa then started this 'school pf Chod'...with a price tag on it.


I've had a bad experience with him, as well. I sent in an application for his School of Healing Chod, was welcomed with open arms, paid the money for the course, then waited 2 weeks and never received anything.

I sent him an email, asking when it would ship, he told me "by the weekend". Again never received anything, and sent another email, asking when it would ship. This "Lama Jinpa", aka Asa Hersh, aka Dr. Asa Hersh, aka Dr.

Asa Hershoff, aka Greg Hershoff...then proceeded to get really angry with me for asking when my materials would be sent out. He called me rude for wanting to know when the items I had paid for over 2 weeks prior would be actually given to me. Then, a day later, he told me I wasn't right for his school, LOL, and sent me a refund. Unbelievable.

Such an enlightened person!

This man is 64 years old, dyes his hair, and has changed his name numerous times. He's got at least 4 websites out there which sell various forms of "healing".

Just Google his different names, they are easy to find. This guy is a fraud.


he did a course at American University of Complementary medicine claiming to have remedies for Anthrax and biological terrorism?!

he is also on rick ross the site for destructive groups looks like he got kicked out of Tsewong Rinpoche's US group and Lama Dechens NamDak Saling in Canada and his teaching tour in London, Budapest and Canada was cancelled by organisers.

claims to be able to give chod empowerment too - some question about that it seems


The "empowerments" are all online. I was a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, quite seriously for about 5 years under Khenchen Kochong Gyaltshen Rinpoche, as well as Garchen Rinpoche.

I've never heard of ANYONE giving empowerments for ANYTHING over the internet.

Especially not Chod, which is a secret practice. There's no way this is legit.


Several of the Rinpoche's, including Garchen Rinpoche, are now giving empowerments online. For myself, I question the efficacy of such methods as opposed to being there, but I suppose if your mind is in the right place, all things are possible.


Garchen Rinpoche only gives refuge when you're attending an online event. He does not give empowerments that way.

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